Yucca Wet


Yucca wet  is a natural surfactant or wetting agent. Yucca contains saponins, a soapy, steroidal-like substance that acts as a natural spreader/sticker. The natural saponins in yucca extracts depolarize the water molecule, allowing foliar sprays to spread out more evenly on the waxy leaf surface. The thin film that is created covers a greater surface area on the leaf for better and more even absorption by the plant cells.

  • A concentrated Yucca schidigera extract at 6% concentration
  • More cost effective than competing yucca products in both price and concentration
  • Use a “sticker-spreader” in foliar applications to allow foliar feeds and pesticide applications to penetrate the whole plant surface.
  • ¬†Great food for beneficial microbiology
  • Applied with fertilizers in the soil, it allows the fertilizer to “stick” in the soil more effectively without being washed out.