3 Part Nutrient System

soil prep

Our three part system is among the most competitively priced conventional nutrient systems available!  For well amended soils, you only need apply 2-4mL per gallon!  And we often suggest that you only use 1mL per gallon as a micro-dosing.  Very small applications of conventional nutrients into a well amended soil has shown to increase overall plant health and genetic expression more dramatically than a pure conventional system, and it has a more dramatic plant growth response than most strictly organic growing programs.  At the BLC we highly encourage organic gardening, but recognize that when conventional fertilizers are used appropriately, and not over applied as they too often are, their use will not adversely effect soil biology, or the environment.  You should aim to get 80-100% of your plant nutrition from organic sources amended in the soil and top-dressed throughout the season, and no more than 20% of your plant nutrition from ionic compounds.  This is like a healthy organic diet for a human, with some multi-vitamin supplementation.  And of course, don’t forget the probiotics!

  • See our Veg & Bloom Synthesis pages for details on each product.
  • We highly suggest combining the use of these fertilizers as a supplementation to a well amended soil regimen, and applying ample soil microbes with the application of these nutrients (e.g. compost teas, MicrobeZen, Primordial Solutions Sea Green, etc…).