About Us


The BLC is the bridge between the latest innovations in gardening and old-school products and methods.

We don’t carry a ton of products because the honest truth is you just don’t need a ton of products to grow awesome plants. At the BLC we don’t buy the hype, and we don’t sell it either. We carry only tried and true, top of the line and affordable products. And more than anything, we educate our customers on effective solutions to save money and time in the garden.
We offer: Fresh Compost Teas, Consignment & Used Gardening Equipment, Soil Consulting and Analysis, Organic and Biologically Based Fertilizers & Pesticides, Advanced Gardening Materials, Horticultural Library, Organic and Heirloom Seeds, Knowledgeable and Helpful Staff, Amazing Aquaponics Room
We have a huge selection of bulk items: Guanos, Humic, Fulvic, Kelp, Azomite, Palm Bunch Ash, Endomycorrhizal Inoculant, Amino Acids, and way more.
Please come join us for our bi-monthly workshops: Soil Amending, Compost Tea Brewing, Permaculture Practices including Water Catchment, Fertilizing, Cover Cropping and more.